North Henderson Heights

  • 550 W Andrews Ave
    Henderson, NC - 27536

  • 919-492-5201

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North Henderson Heights

North Henderson Heights provides Family apartments. North Henderson Heights is a low rent apartment in Henderson. This apartment provides low income families with homes. This does not necessarily mean that the entire apartment complex is low income. This only means that the apartments provide for some low income apartments.

The government gives funds directly to apartment owners such as North Henderson Heights. The apartments lower the rents they charge to low-income tenants. It is up to the apartment owners to decide how many apartments are available here at the low cost apartment rate.

To qualify for these apartments, you can earn no more than the income limit which is specified by the apartment when you apply for vacancy.

Call or visit the North Henderson Heights management office to apply for openings. We urge you to call as most low income apartments nowadays have waiting lists. You will need to call them to find out current rates as they are also subject to change. We provide apartment rates where possible, but they are always subject to change as there are specials and other discounts available at different times of the year.

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